You Only Get One Shot

You only get one opportunity to capture a wedding on video. Most of my experience is in live television where you only get one shot to get it right. I've been the executive producer for live entertainment programs.

I was co-director for KET-TV’s “Studio 89” summer program, the music program shown on PBS stations across Kentucky.

I've worked on award winning documentaries, full-length feature films, and live event television.

Guaranteed Coverage

Guaranteed Complete Coverage means everything.

The exchange of your vows, ring ceremony, your kiss everything that is important to you the bride can be discussed ahead of time, will be mapped out ahead of time and is 100% guaranteed to be captured.

Believe it or not this guarantee is rare in the video industry.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality Comes Standard: your video will be shot with a minimum of two 3-CCD High Definition cameras. All packages are created using a High Definition multi-camera setup.

Superior Audio Quality: The sound quality of your video is never compromised. Audio is ALWAYS captured from at least two sources. The audio on your video will be broadcast quality.

Your DVD video will be Broadcast Quality. Meaning the video will look sharp and the audio will sound crisp.