Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been shooting weddings?

  • I shot my first solo wedding in 2008. The key here is the word solo. What you view samples of my work remember, it’s a showcase of projects where I did 100% of the work. I shot everything, edited everything. You viewing my skills and talents.


Do you travel? How far?

  • I’m based in Northern Kentucky. I work regionally covering Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.


How do your packages work?

  • Good question, easy answer. I only offer one package. It starts with two cameras, professionally captured audio (sound). I can add more cameras and an extra camera operator if want. You shouldn’t have to pay for services or options you don’t want. If you want more options check out my SERVICES page.

guarantee 100% Complete Coverage of your wedding

  • How can I guarantee 100% Complete Coverage? I use a minimum of two 3-CCD High Definition cameras. I have a total of five HD cameras I can bring in if needed. Using two cameras allows me to guarantee full coverage of your ceremony. From the time the grandparents are escorted to their seats till the bride and groom walk out hand-in-hand, everything planned is captured.
  • But what if something happens that’s not planned? What if the flower girl decides to kiss the ring bearer? What if something silly or sweet happens that has not been planned for? At least one out of three weddings I video will have something unplanned happen during the ceremony that you would want to capture. Don’t worry. My cameras are strategically placed to pick up all of the action.

What’s your turnaround time?

  • I have a typical turnaround time for weddings of 4 to 8 weeks.


How many copies do we get?

  • You get 3 Quick Play DVDs. To learn more click on the “WHAT I OFFER” link.


Are you the one who will be videotaping my wedding?

  • Yes, I am the videographer for your event. By the way, you want to be sure to speak to the person who will actually videotape your wedding. Many larger studios use free-lancers, and it is important for you to speak with the actual videographer ahead of time to make sure you get everything you want and to make sure you are comfortable with the videographer.


How many cameras do you use? 

  • I use a minimum of two professional HD video cameras. Two cameras mean absolutely everything is captured.


Can we have a second videographer?

  • Yes, sometimes extra cameras and camera operators are needed.  I can use up to 5 HD cameras.


What type of cameras do you use?

  • “3-Chip Digital” also called “3CCD” is a high-resolution camera. I use the Panasonic 150. And will sometimes add my Canon T31 video camera to get extra close, close-ups.


How many and what kind of microphones do you use?

  • Great question. Sound (we call it audio) will be captured during your ceremony from the soundboard (when available) and a wireless Sennheiser microphone for the groom. If the soundboard is unavailable additional sound is captured with a boom microphone. Audio is always captured from two sources. Audio quality is just as important as video quality.


How do you edit the wedding video?

  • I don’t want to get too techie but, I use the latest and newest editing technology, which is non-linear computer editing. I average 20-30 hours on each wedding. However, I have spent over 40-hours in order to get it right.


Does my wedding video come on a DVD?

  • Yes, you will receive 3 Quick Play DVDs. Your wedding video will last for generations without any deterioration when archived to DVD. I believe providing the finished production on DVD is a must-have!


Can I see samples of your work?

  • Absolutely. You can view samples of my work here on the Website by going to the “VIDEO GALLERY.” All of those samples were shot and edited by me personally. I can also send you a copy of an entire wedding video from a client who has given me permission to share their video. Could we meet sometime, I always encourage the bride and groom to meet with their videographer before the wedding.


What about the contract?

  • I can e-mail you a copy of your contact. It will explain the amount of your deposit and when the balance is due. You’ll want to check to make sure everything you want in your wedding video is spelled out.


Can we meet before the wedding?

  • As it gets closer to your wedding day, we should have a “planning meeting” either over the phone or in person.


What do you charge to produce a videotape of my wedding?

  • Before I can give you a final amount I would like to discuss what you are looking for and explain about my skill and experience, equipment and variety of services.  Your investment is based on the coverage you are looking for. Your package is custom designed for your needs.


If you are on a budget, let me know upfront. If your budget is flexible, wait to ask about pricing until you have explained what you are looking for.


Remember, your video is a family heirloom, it isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!

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