Every wedding video I produce includes the following:

  • “Guaranteed Complete Coverage” of your wedding ceremony.
    • Guaranteed Complete Coverage means everything, the exchange of your vows, ring ceremony, your kiss everything that is important to you can be discussed ahead of time, will be mapped out ahead of time and is guaranteed to be captured. Believe it or not, this guarantee is rare in the video industry.
  • Superior Video Quality:
    • your video will be shot with a minimum of three High Definition cameras. Meaning all packages are created using a High Definition multi-camera setup.
  • Superior Audio Quality:
    • The sound quality of your video is never compromised. Audio is ALWAYS captured from at least two sources. The audio on your video will be broadcast quality.
  • You’ll be able to share
    • 3 Custom quick play DVDs and an
    • CD with an uploadable .MOV or MP4 High Definition file
    • A Blu-Ray copy comes standard. Others charge as much as $100 just for this.

In addition to Guaranteed Complete Coverage of your ceremony…

 Optional Services

Pre-ceremony coverage

  • Pre-ceremony coverage of the day’s proceedings: We can discuss the pre-ceremony events you want to be covered and include as much or as little as you would want.
  • Coverage of the bridal party getting ready for the day is subject to the number of locations and the events of the day’s timeline. We can work with your photographer’s shooting schedule for the day.

Reception coverage

  • Important pre-designated parts of your reception will be captured. For example, highlights of the cake cutting, first dance, toast, and bouquet toss, some of the partying and a lot more.

In addition to the complete coverage of your wedding,

  • You will get a “Highlights Of Your Day” video. A professionally edited music style video; that will tell your wedding day story.

We’ll start with capturing Guaranteeing Complete Coverage the wedding ceremony. But, you can add other features. For example, how about covering the bride and groom the morning of the wedding, her dress, his tux and arriving at the venue? Remember the reception, the first dance, the bouquet and maybe the chicken dance. (Okay, you don’t have to have the chicken dance.)



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